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WHY a Pomegranate?

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Besides the awesome sounding alliteration of Pomegranate Pre & Post natal, why would I name my business after a fruit?

Way back in undergrad I was in New York City on a bus trip with my friends and Pom juice had just come out on to the market. It felt significant. I just loved it and was obsessed with the fact that this fruit had such a rich history attached to health, fertility and abundance. It really stuck with me.


The Pomegranate has played an important part in world history and mythos.

Many holy scripts refer to the Pomegranate seed, paying tribute to the beauty of the blooming and taste of the fruit making it a symbol of prosperity and fertility. This fruit was depicted inside tomb walls in Ancient Egypt, Buddhists in China used it during religious ceremonies, and Prophet Mohammed advised #pregnant women eat Pomegranates if they wanted to have beautiful children.


Historically, the pomegranate has been described as a powerful symbol of #fertility, eternal life, marriage, prosperity, #abundance, reincarnation even a good luck charm.


The story of Persephone

is of course one that has made the Pomegranate seed an infamous part of Greek mythology. Hades deceived Persephone to an eternal sentence in the underworld for six months of the year after she ingested six pomegranate seeds on his watch. However, an interesting twist on this important mythos is that it can be viewed as the story of a maiden, Persephone, having exposure to the underworld and some of life’s shadow sides. She gains independence from her mother transforming her into an adult. And here is where we tie in exactly why I chose the name Pomegranate Pre and Post Natal Yoga and Massage. Similar to Persephone’s journey, the journey into motherhood often also feels like a journey in to #womanhood. As if we’ve been entered through a portal in to another version of ourselves.


It has been said that the resilient growth of a Pomegranate tree

reminds us to be aware of our environment, to choose wisely where and when we sow our seeds and to be uncompromising in the conditions we require for our growth. What could possibly be a better metaphor for pregnancy and early motherhood?

And so, just as the Pomegranate fruit is celebrated and considered sacred, I want you to connect to those feelings about your journey into motherhood. We are here to celebrate the sacredness and delight in the miracle of childbirth, fertility, eternal life, prosperity and abundance.

Yours in abundance of fertility and prosperity,

Mairin Claire Da Maren

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