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Four ways to use Hydrotherapy for warming up this winter.

Hydrotherapy is the use of water at an increased temperature to maintain good health, relieve pain and promote physical wellbeing.

Winter in Ontario can be cold and our bodies respond in different ways to this weather! Often our muscles may have more aches and pains in the cold weather. Additionally, you may feel that your muscles are carry more stiffness in the winter months. We always encourage outdoor activity regardless of the time of year, but if you do find yourself with cold and stiff muscles, here are some tips to warm them up!

1. Hot Water Bottle

Electric heating pads or Magic Bags are good ways to reduce pain on sore muscles, but our favourite source of heat at home is a Hot Water Bottle. By using hydrotherapy instead of electric heat, our body better absorbs the heat from the hot water to lessen muscle pain. Another cool thing about using hydrotherapy with a hot water bottle is that as the water temperature lessens, it is a natural way for the body to absorb the healing property of water with a natural flow.

2. Epsom Salt Bath

Even if you're not into baths, a warm soak in a tub usually sounds pretty good on a cold winter's night. To elevate your bath experience, add up to two cups of Epsom salt. In water, Epsom salt breaks down into Magnesium and Sulfate. When absorbed into the skin, these minerals will help detox the body and reduce pain in sore muscles. To elevate your bath experience, add some calming essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus. A 20 minute soak will be more than enough to reap the rewards.

3. Warm Foot Bath

You don't need a fancy foot spa to give yourself some hydrotherapy for your feet! Add warm water with some bubbles and Epsom salt and soak away! This can help reduce symptoms of plantar fasciitis, sore joints and tired feet.

4. Hot Shower

Last but not least, never underestimate the benefits of a simple hot shower! This is a common practice for muscle relaxation and can help them relax by increasing blood flow after being outside in the cold. Being in hot water can help soothe muscle fatigue and relieve the body of tension. Hot showers can also be used as a natural remedy for reducing cold and cough symptoms. Add a shower steamer for an enhanced hydrotherapy experience.

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