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Pre- & Postnatal Bootcamp with Certified Personal Trainer Amanda Gazzola!

PRENATAL Tuesday 6:30 pm beginning Sept 28th

POSTNATAL Thursday 10:00 am beginning Sept 30th

6 week sessions

$108.00 (pay via e-transfer

Classes held in the comfort of your own home on zoom!

Pre- & Postnatal Bootcamps

As a certified pre- & postnatal coach, Amanda specializes in creating safe and effective exercise programs for moms and moms-to-be. Whether you’re in your first trimester or you gave birth three months ago, you will receive safe workouts that take into consideration the changes your body is experiencing.

If you were already an active individual prior to pregnancy, often you will keep training in the same manner with only a few substitutions. If you are just starting out on your

exercise journey, you will be in an amazing, supportive environment. You will start at an appropriate level and weight and move forward from there. The bootcamps will take

place virtually so that you can workout in the comfort of your own home.

No matter where your journey is currently at, you are covered!

Recommended equipment:

Light dumbbells (2-15lbs)

Assorted Mini bands; Resistance bands

Water bottle

Running shoes

Zoom software

Exercising during pregnancy can both feel and be a little overwhelming at first. Your body is going through change and your emotions can feel all over the place. That being said, exercise during pregnancy has shown so many benefits, such as boosting your mood and energy; helping you sleep better at night when you are dealing with insomnia; preventing excessive weight gain and strengthening the pelvic floor which is very important to help to reduce or avoid stress associated with incontinence after pregnancy.

Amanda’s main focus is to help you feel confident when it comes to exercising according to your trimester and guiding you as your body rapidly changes. Together, you will examine ways to help keep you feeling your best through those waves of

nausea and fatigue.

What to expect during your postnatal phase

Most women are cleared by their doctors and/or midwives to return to exercise just 6 weeks postpartum. However, that doesn’t mean your body is necessarily ready to jump

back to the workouts you were doing before becoming pregnant. With postnatal clients, Amanda likes to focus on helping her clients get her body function back to normal by

safely rebuilding core strength, improving stabilization, and gradually increasing intensity. Her empathetic approach will help you feel confident and capable. She will also coordinate with your postnatal support team to make sure your training is properly adapted for any common complications like pelvic floor dysfunction and diastasis recti. Most importantly, she will listen to you, your goals, and the feedback your body is giving


Contact us at to register today!

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