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Pregnancy Massage at a Registered Massage Wellness Centre

Pomegranate Grove is a niche studio in Ontario with staff members who specialize in prenatal massage therapy. At Pomegranate Grove, we provide a relaxing and comfortable environment to allow pregnant women to unwind and truly relax while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of pregnancy massage.
By booking a massage therapy session with a registered therapist at Pomegranate Grove, you are promoting a healthy pregnancy. Pregnant women are prone to aches and pains due to the added weight on joints. Muscle tension is relieved as a pregnancy massage encourages blood flow to the problem areas of the body. Massage also causes the release of serotonin—your body’s natural pain reliever. During pregnancy, as the baby puts pressure on the uterus, swelling in the legs is a common symptom. Prenatal massage therapy will also help reduce this uncomfortable joint swelling.
Pomegranate Grove specializes in pregnancy massage. This is an important distinction since expectant women should always choose practitioners who are experienced in prenatal massage therapies. Prenatal massage therapists know the correct positioning and safety requirements for pregnant women. Unlike traditional massage, pregnant women are not to lie in the prone position. Instead, the side position is usually the most comfortable. Our wellness centre has multiple pillows and pregnancy tools to assist with keeping all pregnant clients comfortable and safe during each massage session. During a massage therapy appointment, we communicate with pregnant clients to make sure they are feeling relaxed and nothing feels uncomfortable. Although we offer one-time pregnancy massage sessions, clients typically like to book appointments as often as their prenatal doctor visits. During the beginning of the pregnancy, clients may come in on a monthly basis. However, as the due date approaches, a weekly prenatal massage helps with the swelling and pain associated with the third trimester.
Contact our studio today to ask about our pregnancy massage services and book your first appointment.

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