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Who needs a little R&R?

What does your nervous system have to do with massage? For me, one of the biggest gifts of massage therapy is that the average appointment lasts one hour. How often do you have a whole hour to do “nothing!?” But really, your body isn’t doing “nothing”. It is in fact doing a whole lot of healing.


There are so many more benefits to massage than relieving sore muscles. During massage, your parasympathetic nervous system, the system in your body that controls your ability to “rest and digest,” is engaged. This is when your muscles relax, heart rate decreases and tummies gurgle (NEVER be embarrassed of this - it’s a great signal that the body is in deep R & R!) When your parasympathetic nervous system is activated, it produces and sense of calm in the body and the mind. This is also why massage is really amazing for those who have anxiety and depression.


In my practice, I like to include a variety of skills to achieve that zen-ed out feeling. I have been trained with the @upledgerinstitute in CranioSacral therapy and can facilitate all systems of the body to sink into deep relaxation by using specific techniques such as cradling the head. I’ve also been trained as a Reiki Masters Practitioner (thank you Bonnie @pathwayshealing) and will end many treatments by balancing the chakras before a client leaves. Using crystals and essential oils are also something that I fully embrace in my treatments. This is all to ensure that both the physical and energetic levels of the body have been worked on.

So book your next massage STAT! In our overstimulated, busy-bragging society we are often always amped up which is causing us to be sick and stressed. Your body cannot heal if it is not calm. Carve out some time for yourself. Start with having a massage once a season! Monthly is ideal, but any time you give yourself some

is a major win in my books!

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