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Pregnancy Massage

Though I didn't love being pregnant, I knew it was a sacred time in my life.


I didn't have the feelings of vitality that many women described, but I knew enough to cherish the experience anyway. Pregnancy massage was one way in which I felt I was able to capture the significance of the changes going on in my body. I knew that the way I felt both externally and internally would impact my baby and was always surprised that our culture didn't put more emphasis on how significant growing life really is.


I don't necessarily subscribe to women putting their lives on hold or acting as if they were helpless, but especially with my second pregnancy, I was amazed by how little society seemed to pause for this magnificent event. Regretfully I fell in to this trap and felt incredibly tired and unhealthy. Having massage helped me pause and felt like an honoring of sorts to the work my body was doing. I had a great RMT at the time who described how important it was to be connected to our bodies, especially nearing our due dates. I remembering hearing in a birth education movie that "labour is work" just as a labourer in the work force uses their bodies purposefully for the work they were doing, women birthing babies were of course doing much the same. So preparing was crucial. And so I did. And had two AMAZING births.


I am now on a mission to help pregnant women pause and connect to the sacredness of pregnancy, labour and birth. To pause and allow themselves to feel the divine in what it means to be able to carry life in to this world. We deserve space in our lives to honour ourselves and our babies. It is all such an incredible blessing.


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