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Pomegranate Grove in the news!

Article below was published in Guelph Today on September 12th 2019. Written by Anam Khan.

"Pomegranate Grove, a new massage therapy and yoga centre near Downtown Guelph, is focusing on pre and postnatal care for pregnant women.

The centre located on 15 Surrey St. W encourages all ages and genders to visit says owner Mairin Da Maren.

“We want to be there and care for you throughout your pregnancy journey just so you can have the best experience possible,” says Da Maren. 

Born and raised in Guelph, a graduate from the University of Guelph, and an employee of The Co-operators for seven years, Da Maren says she had an epiphany after the birth of her two daughters.

“After my pregnancy, it was just such an enlightening time for me and I shifted the whole direction of my life and my career and what I wanted to do for a profession,” says Da Maren who named the centre Pomegranate Grove to symbolize fertility, abundance, personal growth and development.

The registered massage therapist who has been training for the past four years says opening this clinic was a dream of hers for the past five years. 

“It's a space for everyone to come, not just pre and postnatal even though that's our niche,” says Da Maren. 

The therapy centre offers Swedish massage therapy, yoga, prenatal massage therapy, infant massage, trigger point therapy, fascial release, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, reiki, therapeutic touch, Indian head massage and aroma touch (doTerra).

As a massage therapist and a woman who gave birth to two kids, Da Maren thinks its specifically important to target this demographic. 

“Its the first place that niches specifically to that population and we have all the props and pillows for pregnancy massages. Sometimes it's uncomfortable and the positioning isn't ideal with other massage places that don't have all the props and pillows,” says Da Maren.

She says the therapy is undervalued and women sometimes don’t get the comfort they deserve in the special time of their life and it is important to cherish the experience in order to connect with one’s body and baby in a space where they feel taken care of. 

She gives the example of postnatal care.

"Some women are still in that space where they almost need to be treated like their body is still pregnant or it needs some extra pillowing for the aches and pains. There are new mum muscles where carrying the baby around in a car seat, or breastfeeding or bottle feeding creates some postural imbalances that are really unique to that time and its sort o just helping the body through that period where we're using different and new muscles that we normally use.

“We should be catering to be the most comfortable that we could possibly be and connect to the sacredness to that time of our life and really honour this,” says Da Maren. 

Da Maren says by merging the clinical side of massage therapy in a non-clinical setting, she is able to create a supportive environment where individuals can feel pampered. 

She also coordinates treatments with the patient’s health care provider whether they are with an OBGYN or a midwife, to encourage an inward connection to prepare them for birth and labour.

Da Maren says the official launch party for Pomegranate Grove will take place on Nov. 9 at the clinic from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for anyone interesting in using the services at Pomegranate Grove or just learning about the clinic. There will be snacks, games, prizes a chance to meet and talk to the massage therapists."

Thank you Anam and Guelph Today!

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