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My dream job

Pomegranate Grove evolved in professional practice class five years ago at massage college when our amazing teacher Robynne asked us to create our dream job in the field. I went back to school to study massage therapy when my daughters were two and a half and 15 months old. I was still in the depths of new mom-hood. I was still nursing and changing diapers but in the midst of all that busy, I LOVED massage school. I had amazing experiences with massage therapy during my pregnancy and wanted this for every woman. With regular massage during my pregnancy I felt connected to my baby and my body, I felt taken care of and pain free. As I entered my third trimester, I felt relaxed yet in control. Massage Therapy was such a vital part of my pregnancy that I knew this is where I wanted to focus my practice!

Massage appointments can be scheduled the same way your doctor or midwife appointments are scheduled during your pregnancy. For example, a good idea would be to come in monthly during your first and second trimester and then bi-weekly during your third. I always advise clients to save a massage or due for right around their due dates as having massage can really help get labour moving. I have had two clients deliver their babies within days of receiving massage just last month!

Don't let your pregnancy go by without cherishing the sacredness of the amazing things your body is doing. Honour yourself. Take some time for you. xo

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