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How often should I have a massage during my pregnancy?

My favourite advice to give to my pregnant clients is to follow the schedule of your healthcare provider, assuming your pregnancy is considered to be in the "low risk" category. In the first and second trimesters, monthly visits to your OB or midwife are common practice and I advise clients to come in for massage then as well. Monthly massage is always the golden rule (unless you're lucky enough to be able to come more frequently!) and this is perfectly applies during the early stages of your pregnancy.

First trimester moms are often physically and mentally tired and possibly feeling nauseous and not at their best. Massage techniques can be either invigorating releasing those happy hormones and we can use some ginger or grapefruit oils to curb that sickly feeling. OR, if you're having trouble sleeping, use this hour as a little mid day nap for yourself!

Second trimester you may feel GREAT! But your body and baby are now growing rapidly and having monthly massage will maintain your wellbeing as your muscles and ligaments stretch and grow. Consider massage therapy your preventative care in anticipation of all the changes your body is continuing to go through. Adding yummy essential oils like ylang ylang or citrus bliss can heighten your experience and even kick start your exploration with scents that you may want to us in labour. This exercise of connecting scent to a memory of calm and relaxation (ie a massage at The Grove) will help your brain find calm during labour and birth. How amazing is that!

Third trimester, as your appointments with your health care providers become more frequent, follow that trend with your self care! Start coming for pregnancy massage bi-weekly to help with back pain, swelling in your legs and ankles, and discomfort in your hips. I always suggest that pregnant moms save an appointment or two for the week before their due date. These appointments are meant to really help connect you in to your body and connect you with your baby. Massage appointments in the third trimester can include belly massage with vitamin E, lavender and frankincense oils for stretch mark care (and your baby is now big enough to feel massage as well!); breast massage to help the flow of milk ducts; and deep relaxation helping ease any anxieties you may have heading in to birth and labour. Ask for extra work on your feet during these appointments - this feels AMAZING on the tired and stressed joints and ligaments which have carried us as our bodies have grown and changed.

You are a goddess going through an amazing journey of transformation into motherhood! Pregnancy is a sacred time in a woman's life and I feel so strongly that you deserve this self care - and so much more xo

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