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Cupping Therapy with a Registered Massage Therapist

Pomegranate Studio is one of the very few area wellness centres to offer complementary services during each session with a registered massage therapist. One of our most popular treatments in-house is cupping therapy.
Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese form of therapy used thousands of years ago. During the 1950s, cupping therapy was revived as the treatment started to be used widespread at Chinese hospitals to treat pain and inflammation. In recent years, cupping therapy has received worldwide recognition as more celebrity athletes promote the technique’s numerous benefits.
Cupping is performed by creating suction through the application of suction using a hand pump. Instead of pressing down on the skin like a traditional massage session, cupping draws the skin upward. After suction occurs, the cups remain in place for a short period of time to optimize benefits. Side effects after cupping are rare and typically mild if any do occur.
Cupping has numerous benefits to the body—especially when done in conjunction with a registered massage therapy session. Cupping therapy helps alleviate pain and inflammation symptoms. Blood flow in the body is increased as a way to reduce pain and swelling in the joints. Those who undergo a cupping therapy session also report an improvement in their overall health and wellness.
Registered massage therapy sessions with cupping can be requested at Pomegranate Grove. Call now to book your next appointment and experience the benefits of cupping firsthand.

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